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A digital portfolio showing the range of work that Matt Baker has worked on recently in the role of production designer. From horror, to medieval fantasy, and retro-inspired music video, his most recent five projects showcase his range of skills and talent in the various roles a production designer undertakes.

A digital portfolio showing the workings and skill that production designer Matt Baker used whilst working on a range of film genres and roles that come under the production design department. Working on these films he’s been able to expand and develop his portfolio of skills.

Collaborating on The Hero and the Dragon with director Samuel Constable to create the physical sets and props for the medieval fantasy drama. When a hero embarks on his destined journey to slay a dragon, he starts to question the prophecy.

Working together with Lucie Eckersley who directed NutPops to create the visual style and colour pallet for the film which is a rom-com about Benny, a man who has fantasies about what his life could be if he has the dream job and dream girl.

For the horror film Black Paint, director Aria Tabatabai’s strong directorial style guided the film. Working with and sound to create the suspenseful horror through the visual aspects of set dressing, makeup and costume.

Cotton candy is a music video inspired by 70’s classic spy films. Collaborating with director Annie Deane to create distinctive characters to build the basis of the costume and set brought a new creative process and lead the strong aesthetic and visual style.

Polperro is a coming of age drama following Emma, a photographer, who finds out about her father, who is long disowned. Working closely with director Charlie Smith to create a layered character and subtle yet beautiful aesthetic that showcased the story.